Our Services

Translation Services

Our translation Services have been trusted by various public and private institutions engaging in law, banking, insurance, finance, gas and oil, mining and plantation, and many other sectors.

We specialize in legal translation services, such as corporate documents, notarial deeds, personal documents, court judgments and decrees, laws and regulations. We also provide general and technical translation services.

Interpreting Services

We working to meet your business needs by providing liaison, simultaneous, consecutive/dialog, and whispering interpreting services for meetings/workshops/trainings/seminars/conferences and also court interpreting service.

Our interpreters are highly experienced, skilled, and trained interpreters with vast knowledge of various fields.

We will select the most suitable interpreters for your events including meetings, trainings/workshops, and conferences at regional, national, and international level.

Other Services

In addition to translation and interpeting services, we also provide proofreading, editing, transcribing, note-taking, and subtitling services

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