Our Working Process

We know handling a large number of documents to translate is not handy. If necessary, we will offer our hands to help you identify what you need to obtain quality translation service even before you confirm using our translation service.

Our Working Process is divided into 3 stages:

1. Pre-translation process

a. Reviewing the source text

The first step of pre-translation service stage is to review the source text. This includes identifying the complexity level of the source text and technical issues which will affect the translation process such as the source text format and uneditable tables/pictures/graphs.

b. Setting the Delivery time

Depending on your urgency, sometimes you have not determined the delivery date of the translation or you are not sure of how much reasonable time is needed to get your documents translated. In this case, we can assist you in setting the delivery time by considering the most ideal time required to produce a quality translation of your documents.

c. Assigning the Required Translators

Upon your confirmation to use our service, we will assign the most qualified translator(s) who are familiar with the subject matter of your documents.

The breath and depth of our translators’ knowledge and skills allow us to assign one or more than one translator to work on your documents. More than one translator may be required in order to meet the tight deadline.

2. Translation Process

a. Preparing glossary, especially for large-scale projects
b. Translating the document
3. Post-translation Process
a. Quality Assurance (proofreading and editing)
b. Layouting if necessary
c. Delivery (submitting translation to clients)
d. Consultation upon client’s review, if any